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Choosing the URL / Domain Name
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All Genre Book Promotion

.You will get one post of your publication on each of the 4 blogs all on different days. Plus we share each one of those posts across our social media which includes, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest. Your total reach for each post will be approximately 70,000+ 

Science Fiction & Horror Books

You will get one post of your publication on each of the 4 blogs all on different days. Plus we share each one of those posts across our social media which includes, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest. Your total reach for each post will be approximately 70,000+  

All Genre Book Promotion

.You will get one post of your publication on each of the 5 blogs all on different days. Plus we share each one of those posts across our social media which includes, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest. Your total reach for each post will be approximately 80,000+ 

FREE Video Classes for Authors

Mediation for Authors

Authors you put a lot of energy into creating the books you allow us to enjoy. Many of you authors fail to see how much of a spiritual practice creating a book becomes. Mediation is something you can put into your process that will benefit every stage of your book production.  
Improve Your Chances of Becoming An Award Winning Author

Entering book contests can be highly beneficial for you as an author. But, if you want to improve your chances of winning an award, you need to be prepared. In this class, we share 9 benefits of entering and 23 powerful keys to help you become an award-winning author.
Outside the Box Marketing for Authors

Marketing is one of authors' biggest struggles. It is absolutely vital that your book stand out amongst the hundreds of thousands of other books being published every year. This course will help you discover new ways to do that by sharing five outside-the-box ideas to kick-start your creative marketing plan.
More Book Promotion Library Videos
Creating a Movie Trailer For Your Book
I will admit it I love movie previews/trailers, it is one of the reasons I get to the movies early to see them all. I also geek out on a good trailer for a book. So in this video I am sharing with you the items I feel are important when you are building a video trailer for your book.
Ready to Enter A Book Awards Contest?
Are you ready to test the water and really see how your book stacks up to others? A Book Awards Contest is a great way to get help and feedback to improve your writing, and who knows you might even win. A Book Awards Contest can bring a lot of clout to your book.  

Book Bundles are They Worth Doing?

Have you considered bundling your books that are in a series? In this video will we all address the pros and cons of doing this. Does it benefit or hurt your income as an author? 
Are You Getting The Most Out of Your
Amazon Author Page?

This video will discuss some interesting and cools ways you can use Amazon Author Central to help build your Amazon Author Page to the best of your ability. Creating not only more information for your readers but connections to your website or other media to help you promote all your books.  
Using FREE Book Marketing

Using free book marketing seems like a simple solution to sharing your books. But there is much more to using these free book sharing services you need to understand before you use them. Below are a listing of a few of our favorites. 
How Using Amazon As a Search Engine
Helps Authors

How do you use Amazon as a search engine in creating and marketing your book? You might be suprised at the many different ways you can use the amazon store as a search engine for your writing and marketing process.
Street Teams Are They For Authors?

Street team have been around for a long time but are they really a good match for authors. Are the Street Teams just a barrage of posts on social media, are are there more uses for them in a physical manner? After this video you will be able to make the choice for yourself.
Authors Take a Break!

Authors most of fall into the category of work-a-holics and we go from one project to the next, and never stop in-between. However, sometimes you have to stop and take a break to keep your sanity and to help protect your creativity. In this video we discuss why this is important.
How Freaking Long or Short
Should Your Book Be?

This question is always asked, do I need to have a specific number of pages in my book? How many is not enough and how many are too many. They game on book length has changed so much with the self-publishing platforms we have out today. Listen In as we discuss the length of books in this video.

An Author's Thoughts About Pre-Orders

Is there value in putting your book up for pre-order on services? What type of benefits does a pre-order bring to your book. Many readers what a book right now and don't want to wait until your pre-order time frame ends on the other hand when a reader is really into a series of book they will dish out money to get the next installment as soon as it is available.
Opinions on Book Description

Everyone has a opinion on the aspect of your book description. How long or short should they be, do you need multiple descriptions for different forms of sharing your book? What part of your book description is the most important and lastly what is the focus of your book description? Hear our opinion on all these subjects.
Always Have a Copy of Your Book With You

Authors, no matter where you go or what you are doing always keep a physical copy of your book near by. It is your badge of honor separating your from other people. Presenting a physical book far out shadows just telling someone you have a book and showing them online. This way when the conversation turns to the fact you are  an author you have proof, you also have a wonderful tool with you at all times for book promotion. 
Choosing the Categories for Your Book

Choosing the Categories for your books can be an important step in making sure your book gets noticed on platforms such as Amazon , Barnes & Noble, iBooks etc. Unfortunately we can choose a huge amount of categories to put our book within.
When is it time to Change The Title of your Book?

Is there ever a time when you need to change the title of your book? Maybe poor sales, or there is a plethora of other books with the same title. Whatever the issue might be sometimes changing the title of your book is needed. Today it is easier than ever with ebooks and print on demand to change the title of your book, so let's discuss it in this video.
Using Amazon as a Search Engine

Always remember Amazon is one of the biggest search engines in the world. With that being said there are many ways you can use it to help with your book. From choosing titles, cover design, and even helping to write and research your book. The possibilities are endless.
What Podcast Interviews Can Do For The Author

Podcasts are strong ways to help share your books. Authors can do their part to secure and find the perfect podcast to help share your books. Listen in to the video and see how podcast interview can improve your marketing of your books. 
Writing Under the Influence

Writing under the influence of alcohol or drugs can have some not so great qualities on your end product. While these items might open your mind to more creative writing, are you willing to do it all the time so your writing remains in the same voice? Listen in on the video as we discuss the pros and cons of writing under the influence.
Interview the Characters of Your Book

Want a great way to promotion your book? Just interview the characters from your book. In this manner you make the characters from your book as close to real as they can become. Allowing your readers to get a inside look into the characters and find out more information about them that might not be in the book
To Tik Tok or Not To Tik Tok?
is the Tik Tok platform for authors?  That is the question.  Watch this video and see if you think the platform might be right to promote your books.  
Patience for Authors
Authors if you think sales are going to happen overnight, think again.  It is time you understand that patience can be a good skill to have as an author.  
Staring and Stopping Your Writing
One of the most difficult areas in the writing process is having to start and stop your writing.  Find some tips and suggestions to make that process a little easier,
Bad Reviews Everyone Gets Them
Learn how to process a bad review as an author.  It isn't the end of the world and actually can make you a better writer.  
Authors Get Your Research On
There are so many different types of research that has to go into your book.  Check out this video and see what you might be missing.  
Stop Whining About Competition
Check out the video to give yourself a boost and see that competition for authors is actually a very good thing.  
Book Marketing Vs Book Promotion
There is a big difference between Book Marketing and Book Promotion. Listen as we discuss the difference by our definition and the difference in other areas between the two. Authors you need to know the difference and see which will work best for you.
Charity Writing
Have you ever thought about connecting your writing to a charity. I do this myself and part of my proceeds form my books go to feed the hungry. See how you can make a difference with your writing and help the world become a better place.
You Can't Write for Everyone
When you start writing you might want to write a book that will appeal to everyone. This is not possible and you will go crazy trying to appeal to everyone. You have to understand you need to write not only in a way that appeals to you but to those that need to hear your voice in the book. Trying to please too many people will only take your voice out of the book.
Old School Marketing for Books
Today, we are lost in making sure we market our books online.  But there are amazing ways to market your book in Old Schools ways so check out the video to find out more. 
Why Would I Buy A Camera for My Book???
The purchase of a camera can drastically help our book creation and promotion in many ways.  I n this video you will find out why I feel that way.  
FREE or Low Priced Book Promotions
 This battle goes on in my head all the time. I hate to give away my hard work for free! However, I have also seen the upside of what giving away free or lower priced books can do in the long run. 
Choosing the URL / Domain Name for your Author Page
Authors you need to make sure to secure a place for your writing online. One of the first things you need to do is choose your URL or Domain Name for your website. There is many questions you need to ask yourself before you choose make sure you check out the video before you are picking that URL or Domain Name.
This book contest is our favorite.  So many great chances to win besides if your book is picked a the top book.  

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