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Momma's Love

Momma’s Love is a story of a girl in need of her mother’s love. Generational cycles fall onto a young mother, intensifying her own choices and hardships. From the daughter’s eyes, the point of view determines whether this chain will be broken for future generations.
MOMMY DOESN'T LOVE ME: Healing Journeys For Unseen Wounds

This book is all about validating the child and their experience in whichever way they are feeling unloved and unheard at the moment. Focused on the loss of a mother (either through physical death or emotional distancing), this book addresses "Mommy Issues" in young children and even in adults
A Fearful Wonder: 6 BC

A new-born king born in obscurity in Bethlehem has escaped the clutches of a madman, only to be threatened by the true perpetuators of a diabolical scheme a millennium old in Nazareth.
What Are You to Me

Nineteen-year-old Priscilla Dixon’s life is about to be turned upside down when her mom marries Jack Bennett. Along with her new stepdad, comes his twenty-one-year old son, Conner. Conner Bennett has a troubled past that he is looking to escape with this new move and new family.
Magick: From Chaos to Clarity
Wake Up Positive: Stop Waking Up In A Negative Mood 

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The Big Black Book of Sex Positions: Take Your Sex Life From Boring To Mind-Blowing in a Few More Than 69 Moves
Motivating Yourself
The Sexy Way
Voodoo Child: The Spectrum Series 

TITAN has ended global warming. But can a marginalized, autistic girl save us all from TITAN's unintended consequences?

The inmates are running the asylum! You need to think “outside the box”. This book can be your guide for getting “outside the box
Drop of Atom : Poems by Joey Salomone

"Drop of Atom", Salomone’s second book of poetry, is a poetic journey brimming with messages of love, mental health, and dwindling hope during the notorious covid-19 pandemic—all peppered with wit. 

What do men have to be proud of? James has always known pride to be the biggest of sins, but going on a hunting safari might just be what he needed to experience real humility.
Neighborhood Watch
When the Caseys move into affluent Ridgeport, Ill. in search of a better life for their newborn Scott, they are surprised to find a book entitled, Ridgeport Welcomes You: Procedures and Guidelines for Happy Living. The book is full of rules and ordinances that citizens must abide by in order to live in their happy neighborhood. 
Tales from Pangea : the Lost City of Old: the Lost City of Old (BOOK1)

In a lawless world infested by chaos and rivalry, pirates rule the skies. Young Thomas Von Zeppelin and his adopted brother Naji have finally come of age and are eager for adventure.
I Am More Than A Conqueror: A Christian Affirmation Journal For Women In Cancer Treatment 

The process of going through surgery, chemo, radiation, immunotherapy, and various cancer treatments can be hard, but cancer patients are overcomers.
I Am More Than A Conqueror Journal is a Christian affirmation journal that helps women focus on the Word of God. It serves to help redirect your thoughts away from the negative side effects and concerns associated with cancer treatments.
No Word Of a Lie: A completely accurate account of the last 185 years, told through the eyes of the worlds oldest Galapagos tortoise
Based on historical fact, his life has been a cavalcade of incident but perhaps due to his advancing years he is a reptile with a tendency to confuse the truth at times, though his heart is always in the right place.In this collection of memoirs he recounts the stand out incidents that have shaped his long life on earth.
The Blue View: The Uncut Journal of an Ohio Police Chief

“The hardest thing about being a police officer is you have to solve everyone else’s problems when you can’t even solve your own.”

This book is an unedited and raw journal written by a police officer over a thirty-year period. From his first day in the police academy to his last day as the Chief of Police in Middletown, Ohio, home of Hillbilly Elegy, .
A Great Work

A Great Work is a story of faith, hope, and perseverance. It encourages all of us whose dreams and hopes seem to be gone to be of good cheer and keep believing that all things are working together for our good.

 As I look back at my life, I am reminded that there is no strength, perseverance, or hope without divine intervention, and therefore, it is important to know that faith will, at some point 
THE EARTH DOG STORY: THE EARTH DOG STORY: The Story of a Junk Yard Dog, Once Content With Chasing Cats and Eating Out of Trash Cans, Had An Experience That Changed His Life Forever!

Earth Dog educates young people around the world about environmental issues affecting our planet. He teaches problem solving skills through understanding and cooperation. The environment is the #1 concern amongst students in the classroom today. Every kid wants a dog, and they’ll love Earth Dog!
Gold 2.0: Opening the Vault to the Secrets of Cryptocurrency

Crypto is objectively dead. It had a good run but the huge bubble just popped. We lasted over 10 years but Bitcoin and Ethereum still haven’t contributed anything of value to the world…

The honest truth is — all of this has been said countless times.
Sexy Challenges: Sacred and Sensual Experiences for Lovers 
Sexy Challenges 33 Adventures: Create Powerful Energy With Passion Purpose and Love
Speaking Kind Words:
Improve Your Relationship with Heartfelt Words 
The Full Moon Approaches: Merging Moon Energy, Earth Energy, & Sexual Energy 
Storming Babylon: Book one of the Horrors and Hoagies series.

After a hard-drinking detective is given a golden poker chip, he is sent on a terrifying mission thru New York's underworld on a harrowing medical mystery, alongside his wisecracking, accident-prone pumpkin-headed pal. Together they must race against time and combat an unknown enemy to discover answers to help a dying reanimated philanthropist in the first cult case of “Storming Babylon” 
A North Lawndale Journey of Faith: The Testimony of an Ex-Offender

A story about a gifted man who found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and was incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. Even more, it is the inspiring story of a man whose steadfast faith showed itself early and how it propelled him into a life of commitment and service to a community that many would have abandoned upon achieving the success that he did.
Natasha's Prison: Healing From Your Prison I Never Knew I Was In 

A heartfelt story about Harry and Natasha, and a harmonious relationship that ends too abruptly, leaving Harry in despair and fighting for freedom from his depression.

During his struggle, Harry uncovers a web of twisted truths and many riddles.

You Can’t Make This Sh*t Up!

Louise shares her remarkable story of transformation as her life went from one of abuse and fear to one of love and respect. With practical insights and essential resources to help identify the most common red flags which can indicate problems before you enter a relationship, how to examine your existing partnership to see the warning signs of abuse if you are already in a relationship and ways to empower yourself to leave and recover
Greetings from Asbury Park: A World War Two love story

We celebrate the Greatest Generation for their courage and honor.

This is how they loved.
7 Nights; One Touching Story For Every Night : The Clown In The Closet

First story in the series; A touching story about a brave little boy can change a persons life by Conquering his fears, Josh finds a way to help someone in need, and make a new friend.
Guarding Against Online Identity Theft: A Simple Guide to Online Security

The internet can be a fearful and frightening place, especially when we hear about things like online identity theft. As scary as they may seem, there are some simple steps that anyone can take to protect ourselves from those dangers.
A Shepherd of Wolves 

Edmund Glass has never fit in. His neighbors find him odd and few have ever gotten to truly know him. After years of tempering his appetite, he finally gives in to the beast, taking a life and consuming the victim. 
I Didn't Come Here to Tap Dance

“I Didn’t Come Here to Tap Dance” is a self-portrait painted in poetry. And like a photomosaic, the larger picture derives the brilliance of its clarity from a carefully crafted tapestry of smaller images. Each one, a voyage to a world all its own.
Whispering Walls

A man plagued with memories of a violent past! A small town with a secret! A house with a history! David Livingstone an Iraqi combat veteran plagued with nightmares is trying to get away from the stresses of life. 
Twisted Shores: Book 1 of The Twisted Boeman Series

Alongside the quiet tides of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Bill Shapely is about to come face-to-face with a reckoning of his own reality. An Entity, this Boeman, bathed in the essence of pure evil, is about to make landfall in Bill's hometown, bringing a wave of havoc and terror across the forsaken city.
Fair Winds of Death 

It's 1971, and the Naval Investigate Service, or "NIS" as it's better known, is nothing like the NCIS of present-day television. There are no cell phones, desktop computers, DNA, or the Internet. All the Navy and civilian personnel working for this specialized unit have to rely on are their minds. 
Changed: You'll Never Look at Cheating the Same Way Again (Changed: The Series Book 1)

His exquisite looks, natural charisma, beautiful manners, and cultured style enable Jacob to get any woman he wants. But the game gets old after a while when you’re always the winner.
LOOP: A Pulse-Pounding Novel of Science-Fiction Horror

When a new social media app powered by AI and stolen military technology begins remapping human DNA, the world explodes with conspiracies, viral media, and deadly consequences. 
The Ghost Ninja of Hong Kong Island 

“Lukas Krueger delivers with his explosive debut novel, creating a piece of art that fans of:
The Karate Kid, Kill Bill, Jack Reacher, and James Bond are sure to adore. The Ghost Ninja of Hong Kong Island is truly a visual feast of entertainment with unforgettable characters and story”
Juvenile Tribulations:
An Epic Fantasy Adventure !
(Isthariun's dreams)

Two hundred years have passed since the last great war of the five peoples. Peace reigns, in appearance, on the vast world of Isthariun.
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